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STweep Formatter 

The formatter for Structured Text

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Format Structured Text to your standard

Keeping a consistent code style helps your team to produce high quality code


Line breaking

Keep your code clean and automatically break long lines according to your settings 


Align code in columns

Align similar code as assignments, expressions, end of line comments and variable declarations in columns 


Manage blank lines

Set your preferent number of  blank lines before or after eg. single or multi statements. 



Indent your source code with tabs or spaces. STweep supports several indention styles.


Set your spaces

Prefer a space after a comma? STweep helps you to keep your code consistant and sets your horizontal spaces as configured through out your source code

Available for Codesys

STweep is available as plugin for Codesys and can be downloaded directly from the Codesys Store.

Configure your style

Configure a code style based on your preferences. Having a consistent code style through out your projects increases the quality of your code and makes collaboration in a team much easier.


Focus on functionality

Don’t lose time on keeping your source code clean. With STweep formatter you can keep your source code clean while you focus on on functionality.

Start improving your ST source code quality today

Free 30 day trial