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STweep.CLI – The generic driver for all STweep CLI commands.


STweep.CLI is the generic driver for all STweep commands. It provides the options to: Format Structured Text, manage your license and open your settings editor. It returns success or failure results with the program exit code.


To get info about all available commands:

STweep.CLI –help

To get information about the STweep-CLI version:

STweep.CLI –version

To run a STweep.CLI command:

STweep.CLI <command> [command-options] 

STweep returns several program exit codes. Return code 0 means succes. Any other return values means that an error has occured. To catch an error code use %errorlevel% in cmd and $LastExitCode in powershell.

stweep.cli license-activate -k <yourkey> -a
IF %ERRORLEVEL% EQU 0 (Echo succes) 

stweep.cli license-activate -k <yourkey> -a
if ($LASTEXITCODE -eq 0)
echo “Succes”

Available commands

Command Description
format Formats Structured Text based in the given input parameters.
license-activate Activates the given license key online. An internet connection is required for this command.
license-deactivate Deactivates the current activate license online. An internet connection is required for this command.
license-open-manager Opens the STweep graphical license manager.
open-settings-editor Opens the STweep graphical settings editor.
help Shows help text
version Shows information about the current STweep CLI version.