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Getting started

This article guides you through your first steps using STweep for TwinCAT!
STweep is ready to use after installation and activating your license. Check out the how to do this in this post.

Edit your settings

After starting TwinCAT XAE Shell open a PLC project and navigate to: STweep > Settings to open the STweep settings screen. The STweep setting screen as shown below should be visible.

Here you can edit the settings as desired. Notice that the settings windows shows a preview showing the affect of a selected settings.

Press the save button to save the settings. Press cancel to cancel any changes made to the settings.

Format your first code

Open a project and select the Structured Text POU you want to edit.
Press the right mouse button in the code editor to open the context menu and press “Format code” to format the code in the selected window.

Pro tip: The default short cut for formatting code is “CTRL 4”

Watch and review your code and make changes to your settings as desired.