Installation Guide Twincat XAE Shell

This article guides you through the installation of STweep for TwinCAT in TwinCAT XAE Shell. For installation in Visual Studio see this article.


  1. Download STweep for TwinCAT from the releases page.
  2. Check if windows blocked the downloaded package: Right mouse click on the downloaded file > Properties >Unblock > Accept.
  3. Close all instances of TwinCAT XAE shell.
  4. Unpack the VSIX package with for example Winrar.
  5. Locate your TwinCAT XAE Shell installation folder (common: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Beckhoff\TcXaeShell\”).
  6. Navigate to %InstallationFolder%/Common7\IDE\Extensions.
  7. Add a new folder called: ‘STweep’.
  8. Copy the contents of the unpacked VSIX package to the new created folder.
  9. Open TwinCAT XAE shell and load a project to test STweep for TwinCAT.
  10. Check your license under on STweep > License.
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